January 13, 2010

Spiral Staircase Slide


I love it when a plan comes together. A friend had emailed just the other day, asking if I knew of any more awesome slides built into houses besides that underground eco-dreamhouse deal Alex Michaelis built in London. And then dt reader eric suddenly emails with this photo of a mystery slide from somewhere on some website. And there you have it! FTW!

D'OH Update: Way back in 2004, Gizmodo linked to a 2002 story in Forbes about the super-fast, fiber-optic-lighting-equipped mahogany spiral staircase slide in the Indianapolis dream home of voicemail mogul Scott Jones. The slideshow also shows the giant steel-and-fiberglass treehouse playroom for his sons. Who should all be in or near college by now.


Just seems more efficient [epicwinftw via eric]
they also have a completely unattributed Michaelis-style slide, too [epicwinftw]

EVERYONE WANTS A SPIRAL STAIRCASE SLIDE UPDATE: I am impressed and dismayed by the regularity with which people comment and/or email seeking to know who can build them their spiral dream slide. Here's as much as you're gonna get at this point [March 2012]: Scott Jones' house in Carmel, Indiana underwent an "eight-figure" renovation in 1999 that was the cover story in the Oct. 2001 issue of Indianapolis Monthly Magazine. The slide is credited to an Anderson, IN-based craftsman named Rodney Miller. Who's company is listed elsewhere as Wood Innovations, but I can't find any active links to either.

What I do find is a separate, long article in the magazine about Leonard Watson of Artisan Homes [Brownsburg, IN], the custom home builder who did Jones' house. In 2001 he was touting his in-house team of master craftsmen who work autonomously on sections of the 20,000 sf+ reno and expansion projects he does for Indianapolis's elite. Whether Miller is a part of Artisan's team or network, I don't know, but it shouldn't matter for your slide. Because unless you're building a mahogany spiral slide staircase in Indianapolis, those are not the guys you're going to ask anyway. You're going to go to the local equivalent dream home builder in your suburb. Or ask the developer who built your gated community for a recommendation.

Jones' mahogany slide was apparently built using "shipbuilding techniques," and it took 15 months. Let me suggest at this point that if that's what you're looking for, any number of high-end builders you call will be ecstatic to make it work for you.


Or, you know what, contact a spiral staircase specialist. Here we go. Unique Spiral Stairs of Albion, Maine has executed a maple spiral staircase with a slide. It looks like it was installed in a conference room, which, I can only imagine. Anyway, there you go. Unique Spiral Stairs is your answer.


Love this, must show everyone I know.

We totally need one of these at recess, here:


zoe, fotobabblette

Too cool, but can adults ride it down too?!!!

I SO want this! how fun!

The Jones house was on MTV teen cribs a year or so ago.

The first picture looks very European. Very cool.

yea adults can slide down too.

I am building a home and want to know where I can find someone who can do this?

At this point, the best you can do is probably just show your builder this photo. Several people have tried and failed to identify the original fabricator of these things.

Oh I would love these in some of our properties, what fun!

Where can I find someone to build this spirl slide for my future home. Inquiring early.

First off - thank you all very much for the kind words. It is really nice to see that people are interested in what we do. With a lot of help from a wonderful crew here at Unique, much of my time goes into the design and manufacture of every unique staircase we build. I also provide technical and sales support.

Secondly - we would be pleased to craft a stair for anyone looking for a 100 % hardwood staircase. We have used nearly any wood species you can imagine. We offer a wide range of customization to make your Unique design. Also our go-green work offerings use either 100% reclaimed wood or just reclaimed tread material representing 40% reclaimed wood. We have stairs all over the USA, some outside the country and some on the ocean in Yachts.

If you have any ideas - Throw us a curve :)

Darren -

I work for another stair company in Maine and I know first hand what this company can design and build. This truly is a great product and would recommend anyone to checkout their website. This isn't no pine spruce filla core stair. This is the real deal.

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