January 13, 2010

Dammit! I Was Going To Blog Geoffrey Hoyle's 2010!


Well, there goes my big 2010 Daddy Types Breakout Web Traffic 3.0 Strategy out the window. Someone else has already started overblogging 2010: Living In The Future, a goofy, purple children's book written by Geoffrey Hoyle, with illustrations by Alasdair Anderson, and published in 1972 by Parents' Magazine Press.

What really kills me is that with the 25 cents I wasted at the library sale, I could have parked somewhere for 10-15 minutes. Damn you, tumblr!


There are no black people--or brown or non-white people of any kind, really--but Hoyle totally called it on the jumpsuits & hippie/hipster beard trend resurgence, though. Eerie.

2010book.tumblr.com [tumblr]

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