January 7, 2010

International Discourse Coloring Book By Ian James


I've posted a picture of the Karl Marx page before, but the International Discourse Coloring Book by artist Ian James deserves special attention. The book, such as it exists, is really only an instantiation of a larger project, The International Discourse Coloring Contest, shown at CalArts' MFA Graduate Exhibition, "Why Theory," in June 2009:

39 Theorists and Critics from the Pre-Modern, Modern, and early Postmodern era who have been influential upon Art and Aesthetic Discourse were rendered to outline portraits. Hung on the wall, gallery visitors were encouraged to sit at a kids' school table, color and post them to the bulletin board.
Individually sequenced coloring books were assembled for take away and a small boombox played theory texts on cassette tape, as read by "Vicki," an Apple Speech voice simulator.

Here's hoping James's gallery will publish an edition of the book, or at least let loose with a few blank PDFs.

Project/Exhibition background info and images [ianjames.artcodeinc.com]
Voting's closed, but see all the entries: VOTE! for The International Discourse Coloring Contest [ianjameseatsphotographs]

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