January 3, 2010

DONE: The DT Instaproject Doll Cradle

Well, it's done, and just in time, but don't look for me to be opening an Etsy doll cradle store anytime soon.

Except for a bit of Dremel work to smooth out some curves, I sawed and carved and sanded this thing entirely by hand. My sweet Japanese saws gave me a blister on the tip of my index finger that feels like a giant booger every time I wipe my nose.

And when faced with serious and uncertain whittling, I decided the curves on the sides would stay beautifully different, just like the asymmetrical towers of Chartres Cathedral.

But the source is clear; the unprecious [heh] handmade character is obvious, K2 doesn't know the difference, and her dolls fits perfectly, so really, I'm not sweating it too much.


I like it! The best I ever did was built a base for my christmas tree. Handmade toys and furniture are the best anyway. heirloom type things.

yay! you've inspired me to think about maybe starting some new woodworking projects.

Beautiful! I'll send a picture of my grandpa-made cradle soon.

I went the Green Lullaby route and everybody seems pleased. $30, 45 seconds to assemble, and can go into the recycling bin when we're done with it. "http://www.green-lullaby.com/mgdc.html"

and really, is there a better time of year to get started on the "thinking about starting" phase of a new project?

Hurray! It is gorgeous and I'm sure K2 and her descendants will get many hours of use from it.

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