December 31, 2009

DT Instaproject: OGGG Grandpa's Cradle

1/2-in poplar boards instead, originally uploaded by daddytypes.

Clock's ticking. And right away, I find that it's not so easy to source 3/8" x 5" pine boards for K2's cradle on New Year's Eve Day.

I thought that with their big lumber department and heavy contractor business, the old school hardware store would be able to split or plane a 1x6 piece of white pine for me, but no.

So I ended up with 1/2" poplar instead. For a couple of minutes [i.e., until I found them and saw the price], I thought I might get a hand plane and shave 1/8" or so off of each piece of the cradle. Give it that authentic, Mormon Pioneer Workshop Look.

Well, forget that. K2'll just get a sturdier cradle is all.


i just saw this and wanted to comment. i think it's awesome that you're reproducing this for your little one. just hope you used brush-on enamel, not spray paint. i have my mother's rocking horse that her father made her in the 40s. the horse is navajo style, and his name is whitey. :o) you can see the brush strokes in the paint, and it makes the details that much more special--especially since i never had the chance to know him.

good luck getting it together!

believe it or not, I debated the Brushstrokes of Memory thing right up until I decided I didn't like the lone color of canned red enamel paint at my hardware store. As it turns out, though, there is NO way this cradle will be read as anything but handmade.


Check out Abernathy Sticks in Kensington, MD. They can either plane that down for you, or get you exactly what you need. It's not free, but another low-cost option is the Woodworker's club in Rockville, MD. A little further out, but you can plane the wood down yourself, then use their table saws to rip the pieces to width and length.

Or convince the wife that you really need that Delta 12" planer off of Craigs List, and it won't take up much room in the closet (or I'll store it for you)....

thanks for the tip, I knew there'd be a place that could do it. I've gone to the wood shop in Arlington County, too, which is nice, but it wasn't open over the holidays.

And until I find my sweet, vintage Snap-On Tool Cabinet, I've promised not to get any more new tools.

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