December 21, 2009

DT@FR day 4

McDo in Pertuis: wifi no pies. One of four bags arrived (each bag check is a trip to Marseille airport; the house in the village has no address so we have no confidence in delivery service, which would add another day delay anyway).

On bright side, the kids got a couple of hyper-French outfits at Okaidi, which is Jacadi's what, their bridge collection? Their Polo Sport? Lufthansa will be buying them, which is good because two changes of Gap-like clothes were 180 euros. Oohlala.

Also, the kids ear infection was no problem at all, she's almost through her antibiotic cycle. A great traveler. K2 meanwhile... Let's just say I'm sure she has other talents besides sleeping on planes. Fortunately for her, kids on planes are graded on a curve, and there was a Screaming italian family sitting across from us. If I had four boys under 6, I'd probably let them run wild too, so no judgments. Just explaining how K2 managed her B+ witth only 1.5 hours of transatlantic sleep.

I'll post pics soon of the vastly simplified solution to the somewhat over-anticipated Railings Of Doom. Bye.


you need badly to learn how to say "casse crout jambon-beurre", "croc mr" and "crepe breton". :-)
#1 healthy food, forget wifi!!

Had delayed bags in St. Martin once, where luckily we got along for three days by just picking up new flip flops and swimsuits. Sadly, the beach shop receipt was utterly illegible so no reimbursement.

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