December 13, 2009

Playsam Dollhouse! By Eva Schildt


Wow, look what I just found at Noojii, the baby gear shop DT reader Sven runs in Hamm, Germany [midway between Dusseldorf and Hannover]: a Playsam dollhouse by Swedish designer Eva Schildt.

At just 30 cm high, the dollhouse is scaled to the little knobheads who drive Playsam's cars. Schildt's concept studies include a black house, plus a few pieces of high-lacquer furniture. But at the moment, what you see--white and empty--is what you get.

The trick is getting it. Noojii has the dollhouse in stock for EUR99, including VAT. I don't know if Sven's in a shipping mood, but you can always check.

Otherwise, Playsam sells everything directly from Sweden. Without VAT and with shipping, the dollhouse clocks in at USD174. A bit steep, but that curb appeal...

playsam dollhouse, weiss, EUR99 []
Shop Playsam []


Very cool but for prices like that I'm thinking the best bet for clean, modern dollhouses might be in the storage solutions section at IKEA.

I've seen this in one of my local (german) kids magazines. I also think they look amazing. Laura in Germany

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