December 8, 2009

Babyphone, By Koert van Mensvoort


Dutch artist Koert van Mensvoort used this image, Babyphone, to put out a call for propsals for Next Nature a conferetition he organized in 2008:

Nowadays, children know more corporate logo's and brands than bird or tree species. The average Western person has more worries about the instability of financial markets and mortgage interest deductions than about hurricanes or floods.


How should we relate to these developments? How will we design? How will we build? How do we relate to our environment? How can we create humane technology? We call upon designers, artists, visionaries, film makers and other creative people to submit their visions, statements and ideas on how we will live in next nature.

Meanwhile, this kid's wondering why his parents didn't get him an iPhone.

Next Nature, Mar. 2008 [ via e-flux]


He obviously needs a physical keyboard, not being able to see.

Sadly, life has become much less dependent on the variations in weather and natural occurrences. Our lives are dictated by the ways we make money and survive. It's not on the land anymore so we don't see the need to connect with it these days. Thus we connect with the things that promote our financial prosperity. Makes sense -- still sad.

Keith summed it up nicely. It's just human nature no matter how depressing it is, lol.

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