December 4, 2009

Pas Disponible! Citroen CX Wagon Diesel In The US


So this Malaise-era Citroen CX Wagon Diesel is either from 1980 or 1983. There are plenty of stories about where it's been [Middle East, Western Canada, &c. &c.], but next to no paperwork.

What matters, of course, is where it is: in the US. Accompanied by a clean Florida title. And just 69,000 miles. And in seemingly excellent shape. And rocking a diesel. A giant truck-torquing diesel. And it seats seven.


And basically, while I was trying to come up with funny haha comments about how, if only it were uglier and harder to service, it could be quite le truckster de famille magnifique, and wouldn't it be awesome to buy it? somebody bought it. For $9,500.

Check out the stories and the pics while you can: 1980 Citroen CX Wagon Diesel 32 MPG - Bought it now [ebay via @modern50]


Why do you post things like this? Just to hurt us?

may god have mercy on their souls.... (unless they are a family of Citroen mechanics, perhaps retired from the Foreign Legion and moved to Florida?)

and the Citroen Spa where a previous owner supposedly took the car for its $4,000/pop makeover treatment is far away in California.

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