December 4, 2009

ASTM? I Barely Knew'em!

As the massive baby furniture and gear recalls keep coming, and the voluntary ASTM safety standards regime the Baby Industrial Complex has fought long and hard to maintain is proving to be useless and even dangerous, the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association is racing to reassure parents that their juvenile products are actually safe.

And so it is that the JPMA, in a bold, vast, and unprecedented move that demonstrates just how seriously they take safety [hint: very seriously], has announced that, effective immediately, it has changed its logo.


Now you can shop for your kid with comfort and peace of mind [1] by just looking for the new JPMA Certified seal of approval!

[1] Offer not valid on eBay, craigslist, at garage sales, or on any of the stuff you get from the kids' aunts and uncles.

1 Comment

it's hard to change your view when - after a glimpse - you're sure the logo is about two boiled eggs meeting a slice of bacon on a plate.

to find out how safe the jpma standards actually are, we've

a) visited their homepage - no results
b) contacted them via email - no results
c) contacted them with a letter - no results

we still wonder what that jpma seal is about.

sven | germany

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