December 1, 2009

Customi(ZED) James Frey Bugaboo (RED) To Be eBa(YED)


I think this is going to be a week of stroller insanity, starting right. now.

Bugaboo announced a couple of months ago that they were joining (RED), the giant, corporate fundraising effort to fight AIDS in Africa. As part of the effort, they invited the author/artist/collector/dad James Frey to customize a (RED) edition Cameleon stroller, which is being sold on eBay, with the proceeds going to (RED).

Frey turned the Cameleon fabric into a field of free-floating, hand-painted letters in various typefaces and colors. It resembles nothing so much as an ancient kaballistic sky alphabet, in which sages constructed prophetic words out of ever-shifting constellations of Hebrew letters written in the stars. That, or all the magnetic letters on the fridge.


Either way, it looks pretty sweet. If you're in Miami this week, the Frey Cameleon will be on display at Genius Jones [the big one, I'm guessing, in the Design District.] So go check it out.

Bid on the James Frey-customized Bugaboo (RED) [, image via publicist]
See the Bug at Genius Jones through Dec. 6 [geniusjones]
Celestial Alphabet Event [airform archives]

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