November 30, 2009

Changing The Changing Table: Kalon Studios Changing Trunk


First things first: I love Kalon Studios. They came up with beautifully made bamboo cribs with excellent detailing a couple of years ago, and they're still at it. And they've expanded.

The IoLine Changing Trunk. Not a table, a trunk. Awesome. As it turns out, we've changed K2 on our industrial tool cart changing table approximately two times in almost two years. Instead, we use the sofa, the carpet, the bed, the kid's bed, wherever works. We've been liberated from the changing table paradigm, and so I'm glad to see other options on the market.

If the Changing Trunk thing takes off, perhaps the Changing TV Tray, the Changing Coffee Table, the Changing Dining Table won't be far off. Think of the fun it'll be fun at parties!

IoLine Changing Trunk, $520 or $740, depending on whether you get Kalon Studios' signature, laser-etched motifs [ via swiss-miss]

1 Comment

Sweet, the laser etching is a great touch.

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