November 30, 2009

As Like-A-Bike As You Can Get

It's taken a few years and a pile of knockoffs, but Kokua has reached the ontological limits of the Like-A-Bike:

Inches in Germany? Like-to-Bike 16-in. children's bike, by Kokua [ via dt reader nelson]
Update/flashback: BMW's walking bike has a detachable pedal/chain assembly


I'd like to see a modular version that lets you add the crank and pedals on later -- one of the big things for my daughter going from her, um, Like-a-Like-a-Bike "Scuut" to her "big girl bike" is the huge jump in tire size and frame weight. It would be cool to be able to just add pedals to the bike she already has...

(I've actually considered removing the pedals from her bike just to get her used to balancing on it, but I think that problem will solve itself as her legs get long enough to touch the ground outside of the way of turning pedals.)

By the way, have you ever seen a Norco "Run" toddler bike in the US? They're everywhere here but I presume that's because Norco is a Canadian company...

The BMW walking bike had a detachable crank and pedal assembly to do just that. It's still listed on their website, still $325-360.

Actually, bike sizes were always measured in inches in Germany. Like floppy disks, plumbing, instrument speakers (4x12" Marshall! ;-) and, nowadays, LCD-Screens. Isn't Kokua the German licensee of LikeABike?

Seems Kokua is the manufacturer of the LikeABike and LikeToBike is the successor product for bigger kids.

Cam C has a good question and the answer all in one comment. Removing the pedals from a regular bike provides just the modular solution you're looking for. People have commented on my son's Like-A-Bike knock off (it's a Strider and it's great) and asked why we didn't just remove the pedals from a standard bike. I think the answer has been that the Strider has smaller wheels and at a certain age you may not want the gears and chain thrown into the equation.

We have a Trek Float for my son, and it has a removable crank and pedals.

I need this. Now. Has anyone heard anything? Or does anyone have any recommendations for an alternate? I just can't believe how heavy the run-of-the-mill 16" bike is.

They should be available stateside any day now. The supplier I spoke with said "2 weeks" about 8 days ago. Still no word on what the price will be in the States. Folks in the UK already have theirs.

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