November 21, 2009

Shrimp Shop Blog Bait: High Chair By Ramsey Conder


I think Ramsey is a brother type to South Willard shopkeep Ryan Conder. I also think this high chair is totally awesome.

Shrimp Shop: South Willard X Reference Library, kicking off this very second at 8038 W. Third St., LA.


wow. Talk about minimalist! Looks pretty sturdy though.

Knowing your love of kinder-ply I snapped almost this exact same pic to send you. No need it seems.
My only issue with this great piece is the wood looked unsealed. One errant spoonful of peas and the thing would be wrecked.

The base is unfinished pine ply. The top/seat is douglas fir rubbed with beeswax. It is awesome.

I love this blog and usually love your picks, but this thing is hideous!

I'll take raw pine over plaid vinyl ruffles any day.

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