November 19, 2009

It's Always Summer, They Never Get Cold: Oilily Reopens With Bankruptcy-Era Overstock

oilily_tank_dress.jpgIs there a better place or time to shop for deluxe summer ragamuffinwear than on the North Sea in November?

No, no there is not.

Oilily, the crazy, Dutch, more-is-more, rich hippie baby clothing company which went through a convoluted series of sales, divestitures, acquisitions, bankruptcies and liquidations, only to end up right back in the hands of the founders, the Olsthoorn family, has begun its relaunch.

Textilia, the Dutch fashion industry's most important news source, reports that the Olsthoorns will debut their first new Oilily collection next Spring/Summer.

Meanwhile, the company just relaunched their online store,, which is chock full of--summer merchandise. It's the 250,000 pieces of Summer 2009 stock that never made it into stores, which the Olsthoorns bought from the bankruptcy administrator for EUR1.4 million, and which is all on sale at 50-75% off [whatever arbitrary full retail prices no one was buying Oilily at last year]. For example, this little girls tank dress was--or would have been-- EUR89, but now it's only EUR40! Or it would be, if you lived in Holland, Belgium, or Germany, the only three countries Oilily is shipping to right now. [via dt dutch correspondent jan]

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Is it just me or does that Oilily dress look disturbingly like Ed Hardy-wear?

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