November 17, 2009

The Fageol Walkee Tricycle On eBay, Tetanus Shot Not Included


Wow, this looks incredible. Vintage industrial kid gear.

The Fageol Walkee Tricycle takes its name from its inventor, Christopher Walkee. Haha, no. William B. Fageol and his brother Frank built the first bus. Their company, the Fageol Motor Company, in Oakland, eventually became Peterbilt. Before then, though, the Fageols had already moved to Kent, Ohio, where they created another bus manufacturer, the Twin Coach Company, and eventually, the Fageol Walkee Tricycle Company.

The seller of this awesomely hammered rustbucket of a Fageol Walkee dates it to 1938, but William Fageol's patent application for the Walkee is only dated 1945, and the patent wasn't granted until 1947. I can understand if the war put the Fageols' steel trike-building dream on hold for a few years, but these dates seem hard to reconcile.

Industrial Machine Age Fageol Walkee Bike Tricycle 30s, auction ends Nov. 17, first bid $49+35 s/h [ebay]
Wheeled Vehicle for Children, no. 2423590 [google patents]


have the same bike with all coasters or things above the tires. can you tell me anything more about said bike. thank you and have a nice day.

I have same bike I'm 37 and I have had forever Remeber riding when I was little now missing the seat Remeber always loose can't find now if anyone has one for sale would love to have it complete again sitting in my living room people love to talk about it most have never seen one before I've had it sent late 1970's

I have one, very good condition, identicle to the one shown in the image listed above, my is different in coloe, it's Pink with a black seat. Can anyone tell me more about these? Mine is Fageol Walkee Bike made in Kent, Ohio USA

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