November 17, 2009

Doris Duke's Leftover Thai


Doesn't this pile of Thai lounging pillows look like it belongs in a playroom? Except that you'd always be having to dig your keys, half-eaten apple slices, and Cheerios out of all those little nooks, they'd be awesome.

The fact that they belonged to the Doris Duke, and were originally destined for the elaborate Thai village she planned to build somewhere in Hawaii, only she could never find the right site, and so she ended up with storerooms full of Thai carved furniture and architectural elements and doodads at Duke Farms, her 2,700 acre estate in New Jersey, and there they sat for 60 years, until the last auction was finally held this Saturday to clear out literally the last bits of everything [the famous 19th century Coney Island-style shooting gallery having been sold--for a whopping $43,000--and dismantled last May] so the Farm can become an environmental center, whatever that means, is just a bonus. And yes, I know that's technically more than one fact.

Millea Auction, Nov. 21, Morristown Armory, Lot 127:
Group (9) Thai triangular cushions, est. $100-150

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