November 7, 2009

T Is For The Tiniest Shoppers

goldfinger_abc_puzzle.jpgWow, who at the NY Times T Magazine offices is having a baby? Because almost the entire Winter Design & Living issue is devoted to kid- and family-related design. Some highlights:



There's a story: Minimii, a Danish company, is launching a dollhouse version of Arne Jacobsen's actual 1928 house. Looks pretty sweet, plastic and steel laminate for magnetized walls, and a whole slew of dollhouse-sized designer furniture. It's basically a less-colorful, throwback reincarnation of the Bozart Kaleidoscope House concept, maybe starting around $550. The only catch I can see is that they announced in February; their pictures are still the prototype, they're taking pre-orders, and they promise an "early Christmas 09" delivery. Which is like right now. I'd suggest having some backup gifts lined up.


If you'd like to see more of the Stella McCartney stuff, you can go straight to the horse's mouth, that is to say, the Gap website. There's some fairly nice stuff but we are priced right out of this collection. Or pretty much anything that has the word "collection" anywhere in the description.

Re the $550 dollhouse, does that come with a financing option, or does my kid need to put her vintage DreamHouse on short sale to cover it?

Old Navy has plain sweaters for kids for under $20. Generally I buy online (can return in the store if need be), and if there is a price change within 2 weeks they will credit you over the phone. I read their weekly e-mails and call as needed.

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