November 4, 2009

Every Lego Family Speaks Lego In Its Own Way

So awesome. At The Morning News, Giles Turnbull has gathered several families' names for various Lego parts into one fascinating chart. Fascinating, yet useless, of course, since your own lingo is probably different:

"Dad, I'm building a roof for the medical pod, but I need a hinge-y bit to make it open up. You know, one of those four-er flat hinge-y bits."

Raimi often builds spaceships but has never referred to the pieces by name, until prompted by his father--at which point he reveals that he possesses names for all of them in his head.Yes I do know. I'll keep my eye out for one, I say. And do you want this flat groovy piece to go on the top there, behind your lasers?

"Oh, thanks Dad."

A Common Nomenclature for Lego Families []


And you don't pluralize Lego? Interesting!

Man don't remember if we had names for all the specialty pieces, but our nomenclature was pretty simple. All names were based off of number of studs. Default pieces where single row pieces.

So "1" was 1x1, "2" was 2x1
Fat 2 was 2x2, Fat 6 was 2x3
flat pieces where flat - "flat 4"

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