November 3, 2009

Don't Cry For Wii, Australia


The Baby and Me video game for the Nintendo Wii is only launching in Australia, but who cares? You can make your own right at home.

Here's the concept for the Australian version:

Your baby reacts by giggling, gurgling or crying through the Wii remote
Ten Baby Mode games including feed baby & send baby to sleep
Eight Play Mode games including rattle, catch, clap & balloons
Balance Board support: rock baby to sleep, burp baby, teach baby to walk
Customise baby with new clothes, accessories and playrooms
Now promptly ignore all that gameplay. All you need to do is strap or tape a Wii Remote onto your favorite baby doll, and voila! Now you can play any game you want--with a baby! Wii Golf...Wii Baseball...Wii Lumberjack...Wii Semaphore and Flight Deck Simulator....Wii should be clear that I really have no idea what games are available on a Wii, and I don't really care about some ridiculous gender stereotype-reinforcing nonsense from a country that celebrates Christmas in the blazing heat of summer.

Baby and Me special edition puts everything else to shame [ via, thanks dt reader jason]


Heh, heh, I like Nintendo_/Dude's comment:

"It would be better if it came with a real baby"

You could achieve the same effect by strapping it to a real kid.

"All you need to do is strap or tape a Wii Remote onto your favorite baby doll," LOL ... I'll be stopping by again...It's a bit different to my usual stop off for parenting stuff.

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