October 29, 2009

Have You Seen Me? Vintage Mystery See-Saw At Grain Edit


There's probably a long German word for the kind of suffering that comes from not knowing where a cool vintage toy ad came from. And another one for the annoyance of scanning something and forgetting to make any reference notations about it.

Whatever those two words are, mash them together, and that's what Dave at Grain Edit has right now. This ad for a [Japanese?] [late 60s/pre-oil shock 70s?] plastic see-saw/rocking toy came from "an old Italian design magazine a few years back." And so far, that's all we know. Anyone?

Modern SeeSaw [grainedit.com]

Related in that old, molded, fiberglass and plastic plaything way: Gunter Beltzig stuff looks kind of similar


I believe it was called the Topsy turvey sweevy derby ipsy dipsy doodle. I had a yellow one in new jersey

That's great, Wanda, thanks for clearing that up.

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