October 27, 2009

There's More'n One Way To Make A Plywood Crib


Steve is an excited dad-to-be who wanted to design a crib or changing table that fixed "the one tangible thing about motherhood you [ladies] wish could be changed?" The answer he got back seemed clear enough: "I hate lifting the mattress out of the crib to change the sheets."


And so Steve hopped to, and quickly designed and built a sweet plywood and bamboo crib with a trundle mattress. It's just a mockup, though, and he's now busy integrating the feedback [and CPSC standards on things like gaps between the mattress and crib side that can pose entrapment hazards] into v2.0.


All this, and they're barely into the second trimester. At the rate he's going, Steve will not only have a fully realized design and a beautifully finished crib by the time the kid arrives, he'll have 250,000 Twitter followers and a show on the DIY channel.

And some Saturday along the way, he'll figure out what that it really meant: "Honey, change the crib sheet."

The Baby Project ; The Convenient Crib [23untitled via designmom]


Beautiful crib.
It's funny because whenever I change the crib sheet I always marvel at how easy it is to change the sheet on a mattress that's so small and light. Just lift it up, balance it on the crib rail, change the sheet and reinsert. However, my wife thought it was a major pain so we ended up with "The Ultimate Crib Sheet" which I found to be more of a pain to change than the regular crib sheet but what do I know?
Did I mention that this is a beautiful crib?

I like this idea. I always smash my fingers between the mattress and the frame.

I wonder about it tipping over though when the trundle is out if there was a heavier mattress in it.

Also a lock so when the baby becomes a toddler, he or she can't pull it out and create a giant climbing apparatus.

Very cool.

I gotta say, changing that sheet really is a pain. We have an older crib with a side that goes down, & I STILL hate changing the sheet. Kudos to Steve! If only his wife had gotten pregnant a couple of years earlier...

I gotta say I am a bit disappointed. I fully expected some Jetsons-inspired robotic arm to change the sheet for me...

a female robotic arm, I'm sure.

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