October 27, 2009

Talmudic Toy Teasers

Here I was, reading about all these awesome Torah and Talmud Toys and wondering where I can get some--

Toy Eglah Arufah
Everything you need to act out the matter of the Eglah Arufah (literally, the decapitated calf).

Toy Eglah Arufah comes complete with the following parts:
1) Complete instruction book containing step by step instructions on how to act out the whole parsha of eglah arufah, including the text of the whole Torah section (Devorim 21:1-9).
2) Plastic set-up of "outside the city" where the murdered man's body is found.
3) Part of the ground lifts off in which the calf is buried after it is beheaded (Temurah 33b, mishnah).
4) The murdered man's body.
5) Person who finds the body and tells the Sanhedrin.
6) Members of the Sanhedrin.
7) Cohanim.
8) Measuring cord.
9) Calf in its first year, that has never been worked, whose head can come off.
10) Plastic set-up of the Nachal Eison (the rock-hard valley) where the calf is decapitated (Sotah 45b).
11) Kofitz (long, heavy knife), with which to do the Arifah (decapitating from the back of the neck).
12) Bowl to hold water, with which the members of the Sanhedrin wash their hands after the decapitation.
13) Text of the confession that is said after the Arifah.complaining about the lack of pictures

--but getting a little frustrated that there are no pictures, and then I see this little caption at the bottom of the page:

· They all need production.
· All the booklets need to be written.

Oy. Those Jews, it's always about the wait. Hopefully Playmobil is working on an Eglah Arufah set right now.

Frum Toys from The Geulah Company [geulahcompany.com via dt reader eric, who also supplied the Playmobil punchline]
Aha. Elgah Arufah: the ritual sacrifice of a calf to collectively atone for an unsolved murder [qchabad.org]


While Playmobil seems to think that the 500 tiny gold coins dispersed throughout our apartment are part of the fun of playing with pirates, the Geulah Company cares that all components are contained and accounted for:
"Because of the semi-sacred nature of these objects, each one of the Talmud Toys comes in a specially designed carrying case which has a specific slot to hold each of its many items, so that it can be stored in a manner befitting its honor."

And this product should win some parent awards:

isn't there a portable bubble wrap popping toy already on the market? There's definitely an iPhone app.

This discipline advice, however, is available absolutely free!:

More effective than hitting!
More effective than depriving!
More effective than sending them to their rooms!
More effective than positive reinforcement!

It reaches their insides and
changes them for good!"

So let it be written...

21:1-9 is weird and all, but they should really be making a toy for 25:11-12.

Think about it:

1) Two male action figures to fight.
2) A female action figure to break up the fight by grabbing the one who isn't her husband by the nards.
3) Now how to demonstrate the cutting off of her hand without pity....

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