October 21, 2009

K2: 'Listen A Ziggy. Listen A Ziggy, Pleeease.'

In anticipation of the FTC's assinine blog payola disclosure regulations which are scheduled to take effect at some point I can't be bothered to look up, and which really can kiss my blogging and occasional old-media-writing ass, because I came up in this town with friends who were beauty editors at Conde Nast and who'd be just shoveling Kiehl's on all their friends because they couldn't keep up with the swag, and who'd say stuff like, "Kiehl's is always like, 'Oh, just use our jet anytime you need to go anywhere. No, anywhere. Please.'" and seriously? Only bloggers and Twitterers are covered by this?? Who can't figure out for themselves when someone is a $#*%ing shill, and is clearly in it for the free stuff? Or for the steep, bizdev-level corporate partnerships that have Jay Leno naming 48 different brands per episode or whatever of his new infomercial? And seriously, I don't need some NAB lobbyist's tool/regulator to watch over my shoulder while I keep doing what I've always done, which is to actively discourage and refuse free anything when asked, and when stuff arrives unsolicited, I just give it away, or donate it to Goodwill; and whenever I discuss or even mention anything from anyone who's ever advertised on Daddy Types, I disclose it, even when it's frankly shameful and embarrassing, like Glenn Beck, whose show CNN once advertised for a week--a made-up, sexist, sensationalist, ratings-whoring, Sweeps-Week-long "expose'" on porn addiction--way back when we all just thought idiocy and lack of imagination were the worst things about him; and I am always upfront about where tips come from, whether it's a publicist, a company, a civilian, or myself; and I try to keep an eye on gratuitous, content-free, or egregious shilling in the comments, and if someone misrepresents their connection to a company or product or issue, I'll call them out on it; and I'll admit, I don't call companies out when they make offers of advertising-for-coverage, or coverage-for-advertising, instead, I just reject them and ignore them, which is why you haven't heard about whatever lame-ass trendy beanbag chairs bought their way onto a bunch of blogs a couple of years ago; and I try to be as upfront as possible about the fact that sometimes posts have affiliate links that earn DT money, even though I really, really could be flogging stuff harder, but instead try not to, and I leave a lot of money-making opportunities [sic] on the table because either they're too much hassle, too much clutter, or they don't really add anything to the experience, but I may be over-doing the under-playing it sometimes, and anyway, it's not that much money in the end, and it just goes for the kids' college anyway, so excuse me; and by now I've probably lost track of my subject-verb agreement, but fortunately, the FTC isn't requiring me to diagram this sentence--yet, SO:

I will say that K2 did not pay for Ziggy Marley's CD Family Time; she got it for free. From my wife. Who went to a giant bookstore-type place and bought it, which seems completely quaint. If you buy the CD from Amazon using the link above, DT will make like 50 measly cents, which I'll take, even though I hate Ziggy Marley's reggae Muzak schtick so bad, if you're seriously contemplating buying it, I'd rather send you 50 cents and help you raise the rest of the money needed to buy some real reggae. Or even some UB40. Or better yet, just load up an mp3 player for free. But I had to mention it because it's just so cute to hear her little sentences. [inspired by jason kottke]


It's really a shame that Ziggy and the rest of the junior Marleys are all kind of a wash, musically.

One of my little devil's favorite discs as a tot was this one;

pity it's been discontinued, Mento is great for little ones. There was nothing quite as entertaining as hearing my little guy scream "blu-lu-lup!" during the chorus of the eponymous song.

The first paragraph, if we're calling it that, is why I love ya, man.

Well said.
I think we all know how genuine you are.
That's why you have a few hun thou loyal readers like myself. Keep up the awesome work.

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