October 19, 2009

LIFE Magazine Not Just For Photos Anymore


Sweet digitized Xanadu, Google has released the entire archive of LIFE Magazine--through 1972, anyway--online. It begins in 1936, and the fifth issue, Dec. 21, has this awesome pram photo with the surprisingly creepy caption, "Lord Beaverbrook's granddaughter and friend." Fortunately, the friend turns out to be Mr R Hedges-Bates, The Bird Man of England, who fed the sparrows for decades in Hyde Park. So not creepy at all! Carry on, then.

The collection also includes this full-color, fish-eye lens story about Thomas McNulty and Mary Otis Stevens' incredible Lincoln House, one of the great, lost works of mid-century family modernism.


Dec. 3, 1965: A Playground for Living [life @ google]

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