October 13, 2009

From The Mixed Up Archives Of Mrs British D. Sign Council: Play Rocker Prototype By John Millns


No sooner is one vintage kids design mystery solved than another takes its place. The British Design Council has published its slide collection online, including this rather awesome-looking "child's rocking play fixture," which uses the same special, NASA-designed bend-into-shape technology that goes into McDonald's french fry boxes.

The caption doesn't mention a designer or manufacturer at all, just that the rocker was exhibited in Haymarket in the summer of 1979.

Which may have been a retrospective--or else it took 11 years to bring this thing to the market--because I just found it illustrated in an article titled, "Play prototypes for under-fives" in a 1968 issue of Design magazine.

The designer was John Millns, then a student at the Leeds College of Art. If you Google him, you get--hmm--this photo of a rocker prototype from 1968.

Design Council Slide Collection [vads.ac.uk via thingsmagazine]
"Play prototypes for under-fives," Design 1968[vads.ahds.ac.uk]

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