October 12, 2009

How Do Dinosaurs Market Their Industrial Products To Children?

What do GM Diesels do
in 1955? When they thought
selling just to Industry
meant they'd always be alive?

Did they make PR comic books
in which they denigrate
diesels in European cars?
Whoops! Now it is too late!

For GM to make anything
consumers really want.
And thus the hubris of the past
resurfaces to taunt.

Five decades plus, GM
was of consumer diesels wary,
just as their comic writers shunned
rhymes multisyllabary.

2009: the great GM
is basically extinct.
What's left? Not much, just
marketing some freelance artist inked.

Our USA's top automaker
struggles on its knees.
High five for pawning Hummer, though
to the gullible Chinese.


But, Papa, tell me something else
Before we go too far -
One of the boys was asking me
Do diesels run a car?

In European cars, I said
The diesel's often seen
But here in our own U.S.A.
Cars run on gasoline.
What Do GM Diesels Do? [oddballcomics.com via hemmings blog]


The real question is, where can I get "JIMMY DIESEL" printed tighty whities to wear over my black unitard?

you only have a couple of weeks to find them!

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