October 1, 2009

Apparently, Jogging With A Stroller Is Different

I'm no jogger, so really, I have no idea, but the NY Times' collection of facts and tips for adjusting your technique, expectations, and strategy when you run with a stroller sure seems handy.

Still, doesn't everyone just do whatever the dad who won the Ironman does?

Baby Runs With a Fast Crowd [nyt]


Yeah, those runners are cool.
Just a thought : while Dad runs 2 and a half hours pushing the stroller, how do the kids spend this time ? Sleeping ? Eating ? Watching a DVD ?

Well on my long runs, my 6mo - 16 mo olds would either be composing an opera, solving simple differential equations, practicing for the PSAT, or doing Pilates by themselves.

Babies don't get bored. Really. I don't know how to explain this to our "put your kid in front of a DVD culture", but I ran every day with my daughter and she was happy to go every day. There's plenty of things to look at. Lots of cars. The occasional train, donkey, or cow. Their brains at that age find pretty much everything new and exciting. If anything running with your kid is too much stimulation.

I really can't speak to this article, however, since even though I run every day, I'm not at a skill level where I can "compromise my form".

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