September 26, 2009

Whatever Happened To Woodstock's Littlest, Nakedest Roadies?

So we know what the Nirvana Baby's been up to. And we know what happened to the dirtbag hippies wrapped in that blanket on the cover of the first Woodstock album. [They're still together and living in New Jersey, awww.]

So why don't we even know who those little naked roadies on the cover of Woodstock Two are? Why haven't they been turned into some sort of goodwill ambassadors between the Boomers and the MTV Generation?


This double album's been released five times since 1971--including just a couple of months ago--and I can't turn up a single discussion of the cover art. [At least we know the date--August 15, 1969, Day 1--and the photographer, Barry Levine.] Does anyone have this and can check the liner notes for some basic info? Because it might be kind of interesting to see where these kids ended up.

Buy Woodstock Two, the 40th Anniversary edition, and then tell us about it [amazon]
The Woodstock Story Book is new and full of Levine's photos [amazon]

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