September 25, 2009

OG Flintstones High Chair


You don't have to be Todd Oldham to appreciate the classic kitsch of Bedrock City; he's just the only one who photographed Bam Bam's or Pebble's painted concrete high chair for his new book.

There are actually two Bedrock City theme park/tourist traps that survive from the golden age of Flintstones licensing, when reasonable schlock animators at Hanna Barbera, recognizing the natural limits of their creations, permitted local concrete plant manufacturers to create Bedrock City campground/playground/diorama/diner/gift shops near actual tourist destinations like Mt. Rushmore and the Grand Canyon. They've been hanging on through horrible movie remakes and vitamin tie-ins since 1966 and 1972 respectively.

The Sarah Connor landscape doesn't help, but Grand Canyon Bedrock City looks about as beaten down and busted as the rest of Arizona's real estate. Meanwhile, the South Dakota Bedrock is a veritable Garden of Edenrock.

Bedrock City [AZ] [referencelibrary]
photos of Bedrock City, SD and all photos tagged "Bedrock City" [flickr]

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