September 23, 2009

UPDATE: Mima Totally Actually By Europe


See, the way blogs work is that you kind of look at something a little bit, make some pronouncement on it, and depending on how wrong you are, people who actually know will often appear to correct you.

And so it is that I learned that Mima, the Spanish baby gear startup whose strollers won the Innovation Award the other day at the big Kind + Jugend Expo in Cologne, is not an Actually By China pop-up company, but is, in fact, "new European juvenile products brand."

At least that's what Davy Kho, the Dutch designer with the Chinese name who lives and works in Spain and who'd been working on the stroller design on his own for a couple of years after designing such podtastic baby products as the Bloom Fresco high chair.

It is indeed a small, small world.

Anway, Kho also said the company's working toward a Summer 2010 release, which is obviously too late for people shopping for their first stroller right now. On the other hand, that also gives you plenty of time to conceive and have the second kid in peace, knowing that when you need a double stroller the most, Mima will be there.


I wonder if there's access to the space between the seat and the pod shaped back? That would provide some nice additional storage...pretty necessary as that bottom storage bag looks way small for a stroller of this size.

The extra seat looks fairly well done. There are more and more premium stroller options but they basically are the same size/weight/awkward fold of a bugaboo chameleon and don't really bring anything new to the table. This makes the Mima's +1 seating a compelling feature. Phil & Teds should be nervous. Before Mima P&T's only real competition was the uppababy vista with the rumble seat but that seat feels like an afterthought and the extra weight over the front wheels must make it a bear to steer (disclosure: never actually tried it).

What about twins? Can both of the seats be "carrycots"?

(genaral comment)
Being a new dad height 6ft.2 and a wife of 6ft.00, why have pushchair designers not designed a buggy with extendable handles as we both now get troubled with backache with bending forward,just a hope

@newdad, there are lots of strollers with height-adjustable handles. A few that come to mind are the Bugaboo Cameleon, the Stokke Xplory and just about everything Bumbleride makes.

Hello,how much this mimia kombi?

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