September 22, 2009

HAHAHAHAHA, NO. Hauck '40 Jahre Woodstock' Stroller At K+J


God bless the quirky Germans, who apparently have as much embarrassingly uncritical dress-up love for dirty Boomer hippies as they do for American Indians.

This steaming hot psychedelic mess of a stroller was at the Hauck Group booth at Kind+Jugend. Near as I can tell, it's an i'coo Pico under there, though it's cleaner than the current model.

Maybe Hauck is teeing up another of those Rock Star Baby-type licensing deals with Austin Powers. Bon Jovi, boys!


Achtung, that's FUGLY!!!!!!!

Uh, my kids would have hated it.

LOL, lol, what Sara said.

I LOOOOVEE saras comment...

Hauck sucks anyway...none of their strollers have even a bit of quality..

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