September 21, 2009

Home Birth A Plenty Valid Excuse For Not Blogging

Congratulations to Jason & Meg, who have the best reason of all not to blog for a little while: their second kid and first daughter, Minna, was just born at home [!] in Manhattan.

It's the wave of the future, I tell you, this going back to the past thing. Good luck, kids, and get some sleep!


I'm glad it's catching on - home birth. I'm sick and tired of the hospital treating and interacting with the most natural thing in the world like it treats everything else - as an illness.

Currently sitting in the Lobby of New York Presbyterian while a close friend suffers a "natural" plan gone down hill. Ours, intended for a birthing center, ended in c-section.

Go home birth. retake the hearth and heart.

Go dads!

Its great to see dads blogging about home birth too. It is absolutely critical for a mom to have a partner who is supportive of her choice of birthplace (whether home or hospital). Yet so many women I know 'choose' the hospital because that's what her husband wants.

My husband has caught both of our kids, born at home (with the help of a midwife), and he wouldn't have it any other way...and I couldn't have done it without him.

Keep talking about how wonderful home birth is dads!

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