September 17, 2009

Those Dutch Again: Table With A Marble Run Routed Into It


That is pretty sweet. A couple of Eindhoven design students working under the name Ontwerpduo created this table where a marble run runs through the base and legs. It's part of a hotel for kids concept that also includes a cutesy pillow/stitching game thing.

Which is nice, but I think the kids'd be happier with room service bringing them Ben & Jerrys' while they jump on the beds.

Ontwerpduo Fun Studio [ via dt reader julie]

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I spent hours with my kids putting together a plastic marble run that SUCKS!! The marble run has gears, but the marbles don't actually spin the gears, they're there for decoration - WTF..

Anyway this table is awesome! Biggest problem would be that everyone would be camped out under the table watching the marbles zoom past during dinner.

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