September 16, 2009

Natural Female Hair Enhancement? La Bella Placenta Shampoo & Conditioner

via timnyc's twitter [asterisks added]: "RT @shivvy is grocery shopping & has to ask...WHAT THE F*** IS THIS?"

Oh, you mean this?


Why, it's La Bella Placenta Shampoo, in a 34-oz. bottle ["32 oz +2 oz bonus"]. And at just $2.87, I'd say it's a steal! [Amazon price: $4.99+7.45 s/h]

* Placenta Conditioning Shampoo offers hair refuge from the injurious effects of our environment
* Blended with a special Placenta Enzyme, Vitamin E & Panthenol.
* Helps repair split ends, restore manageability, and renews the shine and bounce.
According to this dog grooming messageboard, "Placenta shampoos were a fad of the 1980s." And according to, placenta as been a useless miracle ingredient in cosmetics since the 1940s. A 2007 NY Times story on Origins, Estee Lauder's eco- and environment-friendly skincare brand, describes 1990, the year the brand launched, as a time when "many brands were using animal collagen and placenta in their products."

So relax, it's probably animal placenta, especially at those prices. Everyone knows human placentas are only good for grillin'.

UPDATE FROM THE COMMENTS: No, it is not "PLANT placenta!" it is "sheep placenta," as the founder of La Bella explained to last month. It's apparently a popular shampoo ingredient in Mexico. La Bella is a leading Hispanic hair care brand.


its PLANT placenta! not human or animal

I Use this shampoo every time i wash my hair and it works miracles for me. I love it better than high end shampoos

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