September 13, 2009

I Hope A Dad Wins The Hell Out Of That Free Orbit Stroller


For future reference, the weekend our Disposall eats a Pyrex bowl and explodes, I doublebook a parent's party for the kid's kindergarten with the ABC Kids Expo, and we spend five hours at an outlet mall keeping K2 from eating rocks in the burning sun is not the weekend I want to be reminded that's #$*(%ing slogan is "Classifieds for moms."

So just to straighten them out, I'd really like to see a dad win their drawing for a free Orbit stroller system. Flood the zone with Boppys, I say.

In related news, has apparently teamed up with The Cradle which, judging by its tagline ["pregnancy life. easier."], seems to have undergone its own dadectomy since it first advertised on DT. Estrogen for everybody!

Uterus may be required to claim prize: Win an Orbit Stroller from The Cradle and, through Sept. 29 [ via dt reader dt]

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