September 10, 2009

Target Saturation Licensing: Skelanimals Are The New Domo-kun

It's that time of year again, when a Target publicist's heart turns to thoughts of announcing which cutesy Japanese character property set will fulfill its 2.5 year business plan destiny and graduate from faux-niche Comic-con nerd fandom to having mountains and mountains of licensed crap fill the Halloween sections of hundreds of discount stores.

And this year's winner [sic] is.... Skelanimals! A collect'em all-style world of kawaii, Munny-shaped dead animals launched in February 2006 by the Japanese anime toymaker Toynami. Congratulations! You'll all be dead again by Christmas.

Oy. The newest craze in deadly cute are at Target this Halloween with... [targetcorp's youtube channel via monoscope]
Skelanimals Hit Target This Fall []
Previously: Domo-kun shilling for Target? Or vice-versa?

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