September 4, 2009

Honda Crosstour Gets Sideways With Facebookworms

I know they're called "friends" or "fans" or "followers" or whatever, but Honda's new not-a-wagon, not-an-X6, not-a-Murano, not-an-Impreza, the Crosstour, is not feeling much love on Facebook. The complaints run the gamut:

  • that thing is fugly, it looks like an Aztek.

  • that thing is fugly, it doesn't look anything like the EU Accord Wagon.

  • that thing is fugly, it has a giant ass, and

  • that thing is just plain fugly.

It's gotten to the point that Honda's PR folks had to issue a statement saying, basically, "Am not! I'm beautiful. My mom [target market] says so!"

Honda fanbois unleash haterade on official Crosstour Facebook page [jalopnik]
Honda Responds To Facebook Crosstour Hatefest [jalopnik]
Honda purges some comments from Crosstour Facebook page--yeah, comments made by a stealth Honda employee [autoblog via dt reader jj daddy-o]


A momentary Facebook server blip the other day prevented me from adding an impulse post of "All the bulk of a wagon with only 50% of the utility".

To be fair it's not just the Crosstour, the whole segment needs a reboot; I was really hoping for a nice little family-friendly Lancer wagon but when the Sportback finally came out, it showed up with an unusably tiny cargo space, unlike the previous square-ish Lancer wagon.

I'm with Cam C but it seems that the tide is turning regarding the Crosstour. Now that the car has made the rounds through the various car mags/papers/blogs, it's getting some pretty good reviews. Honda has a car lot full of styling flops at this point (even worse when you throw in Acura) so the Crosstour certainly won't stand alone. Still, hard to say how well this thing is going to sell...Honda hasn't had too much sales success when it goes outside its comfort zone (Element, Ridgeline).

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