September 2, 2009

Old Timey Pedal Cars At Bonhams Run The Awesome Gamut

There are three standout pedal cars in Bonham's upcoming auto memorabilia and classic vehicle auction Sept 12. They are presented here in decreasing order of estimated price...

Lot 293, a bare metal restoration of an Austin J40 pedal car, complete with all documentation. Pre-sale estimate: £1,700 - 1,900.


For the dad who thinks he can do better and is looking for a chance to prove it, Lot 290: A complete and assembled Austin J40 in need of restoration, estimate: £400 - 600.


And for the dad who wants to instill in his kid an appreciation of the phrase, "They're only original once," there is Lot 281: "A 'Jalopy' child's pedal car, of simple pressed metal construction, painted red, of a generic pre-War type sports car," estimate: £80 - 120.


...and increasing order of general awesomeness.

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