September 2, 2009

Asahi Typhoon 4 'AKA The German Bugaboo Killer' On eBay


An Asahi Typhoon 4 stroller by the German manufacturer Hauck is for sale on eBay, with local pickup in Brooklyn--Carroll Gardens, to be exact. Perhaps you've seen this headturning uber-stroller which the seller describes as:

"THE DADDY OF ALL PUSHCHAIRS," aka the German Bugaboo-killer. Asahi is the performance line of strollers from Germany's Hauck, the Mercedes of stroller manufacturers.

"This is a cracking bit of kit. A real head turner." -- DaddyTypes.

Wait, who what? Whaddya know, that's what I wrote in 2004 when the kid--and the blog--were just a few weeks old, so it must be true! Well, I was quoting someone on that "cracking bit of kit" part.

Though if the Asahi Typhoon 4 is "sold out everywhere" now, it may be because Hauck discontinued the brand to focus on the i'coo , it launched just a couple of years later, and which we know better in the US as the Rock Star Baby/Jon Bon Jovi stroller. And if Asahi's such a cracking bit of kit, you might think there'd be more in the Google results than the raves of a sleep-deprived stroller noob.

Also, these Brooklyn photos have a watermark from, the Czech eBay. So you may want to get a little bit of backstory on this rig and its condition before you bid. Still, thanks for the shoutout!

Asahi Typhoon 4 Stroller - The Bugaboo Killer VERY RARE, auction ends Sept. 5, currently $199, local BKLN pickup UPDATE: Sold for $199 [ebay via dt reader elizabeth]


I had a Huack when we were in Eastern Europe for a while. The Huack Memphis. I wish I had brought it back. It was AMAZING, and the kid could lay flat on his belly to nap if he wanted to.

Did I mention how awesome it was?

They named a stroller after a Japanese beer brand?

Hi, seller here. I used the preexisting images for the listing only because it was much easier and the stroller is exactly the same as ours in every respect. In terms of backstory, we used the stroller for about a year, then switched to a lightweight Volo once our son got older and we started travelling more. It is in near perfect condition and will not disappoint. In fact, the pictures do not do it justice.

We spent a few hundred dollars on a fancy stroller. Now we only use the 30 dollar umbrella. Oh what I could have spent that 300 bucks on.

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