September 1, 2009

Pluunk: I. Am. Canadian Bunk Bed.


It's Zed, not Zee, Zed. A sofa IS a Davenport. And this is NOT an Argington Uffizi Bunk Bed, it's a Pluunk. Canada is the second fastest renderer of two-tone, modernist bunk beds in North America, and the first nation of offering to manufacture them out of slabs of reclaimed urban maple and oak. My name is InquisitiveKid and I. Am. Selling these things exclusively and for an unpublished but sure to be astronomical price!


Oh, actually, they're $3,750 or $4,900. Canadian.

Pluunk Bunk Bed, plus some other beds [ via inhabitots, thanks dt reader foglite]
Argington Uffizi Bunk Bed, $1850, or track down the insane, one-off solid bamboo model, priceless


I like this bit: "Easily assembled within minutes." By Canadian lumberjacks. Hefting a solid 4'x6' hunk of maple or oak overhead may take mere minutes for them, but I'm going to need a crane or something.

More likely the manservant who will be doing the assembly come to resent that claim.

Oh, and that's only, like, forty bucks American, right?

Greg, have you been hiding the fact that you are really a Canadian? Only a Canuck understands and knows the I.Am. Thing. You probably love the Hip, take your coffee double double while snacking on timbits, grew up watching Mr. Dress Up, and still talk about the '72 Canada vs. Russia hockey finals.(Henderson!) I'll bet you're munching on ketchup chips while reading this, eh?

So if you go to sleep in this bed will you wake up Canadian?

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