August 31, 2009

Gold-Plated Creative Playthings Dollhouse Bathroom


Now I love Dino like a brother--a brother who gave me a very fair price on a beautiful, old, Elephant Gray Eames RAR shell, and who added a truly excellent reproduction Eiffel Tower base--and who attached it for free, which appeared to take some doing.


$105 for just the three bathroom fixtures from the Creative Playthings dollhouse furniture set? That's just crazytalk.


I suppose I should just get to Googlin' but is there any kind of complete catalog of Creative Playthings toys/furniture out there? Recently found an old see-saw balance toy with peg people that was mine when I was a wee one and while I can't afford to collect the vintage stuff from eBay I could and would cough up the cash for a beautiful book about it all.

- Sara

Most of my Googling led to links to this site---it seems that you are the authority on Creative Playthings. So get crackin' on that book for me Greg, will ya?

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