August 24, 2009

Indie Rock Coloring Book By Yellow Bird Project


Graphic artist Andy J. Miller has been collaborating with the Yellow Bird Project on their Indie Rock Coloring Book for almost two years, almost since the YBP itself was founded. There's a page for each of the 32 indie bands who have created t-shirts with the non-profit YBP, which funnels all its proceeds to various hip & happenin' charities.

Stunt coloring books can be deadly; all stunt and no coloring, but from the sample pages, it looks like Miller really nails it.
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs crowd scene, for example, looks plenty do-able, even if your kid's not old enough to read the one fan's "Have my babies Karen O" sign.

Anyway, they're donating all the royalties for the project, so there's enough margin built in for everyone involved to do well while doing good--except the artist, of course, who gets a warm feeling in his heart and some promotional value.

Indie Rock Coloring BookPre-order YBP's Indie Rock Coloring Book, $10 [amazon, via, thanks dt reader eric]
Check out more sample Coloring Book pages on Andy J. Miller's flickr stream [flickr]
YBP Coloring Book Tour info: SF (8/28); NYC (9/2); Montreal (9/5) [ybp blog]

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