August 21, 2009

ZRecs: Sigg Totally Knew It Had BPA In Its Aluminum Bottles All Along

Day-um, I'm sure glad I'm not a baby bottle manufacturer trying to pass my expensive aluminum gear off as BPA-free. Because I'd live in daily fear of Z Recommends totally busting me some day.

And if I were the CEO of Sigg, that day would be today. Naturally, Jeremiah has all the details, including the two years of adamant-sounding BPA denials that sound like equivocating bullshit now that we know the company's aluminum bottles were, in fact, lined with a proprietary resin that did, in fact, contain BPA. [Sigg quietly changed the formulation last year, but continued to sell the BPA versions until the stock ran out. Naturally, Z Recs has side-by-side how-to photos for identifying the older, lied-about versions.]

All in a day's work in the Baby Industrial Complex.

The SIGG BPA Confession: You aren't going to like it any more than we do [zrecommends]


Hey, what's the big deal? The water in the SIGG that's been sitting in the hot trunk all summer is perfectly safe for the kids to drink. Because their BPA is the special non-migrating kind. Tests show it. You know -- like those non-migrating Canada geese. Right? Right?

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I guess we should all not only just drink tap water, we should drink directly from the faucet.

This is so disappointing. We have invested in tons of these bottles, for several years now, to avoid putting the kiddies at risk. I feel totally ripped off. Thanks so much for the heads up Greg.

While I've never freaked out over BPA I'm totally ticked at Sigg for lying about it.

I feel so betrayed!

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