August 21, 2009

DTQ: What iPhone Picturebook Apps Do You Use?

It just gives me a headache to wade through the iPhone App Store. And the few picturebook apps I've seen look like crap: a jury-rigged reader with a couple of dopey clip art-lookin' titles no one's ever read twice.

Still, I'd love to be able to either read books with the kid on my iPod Touch, or to be able to record a reading and let her replay it on her own, a cued slideshow with voiceover kind of deal, I guess.

I've already got two hundred kids' books, so if I can't download or buy whatever titles, why can't I just scan the ones in that I want--or take quick snapshots of the pages, even--then upload them?

But all this is blue-sky dreaming. Are there iPhone storybook/picture book apps that you use that your kid likes? Can you add books to your iPhone shelf with confidence and ease that you won't get screwed later? What was the clincher or the dealbreaker for you?


we have just released the first picturebook on the iphone

Love to know what you think



Recently launched an iPad app that lets you create picture books on the iPad and then share it with anyone else with an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Picturebook on iTunes -
Video -

My husband just designed an interactive storybook app.

dt, if you would like to check it out, email me for an iTunes code.

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