August 15, 2009

Kay Bojesen, Resistance Fighter?


From the Kay Bojesen Samling exhibition at the Rudersdal Museums comes this fascinating bit of context about the creation of one of Bojesen's signature toys, the Royal Danish guard:

At its birth in 1942, in the midst of occupation darkness, lit up the guard as the symbol of Danishness. The year after the 29th august 1943, the Germans attack this symbol of their barracks.
Until the Nazis dissolved the government on Aug 29, 1943 amid escalating resistance and opposition, Denmark had it about as easy a Nazi occupation as could be imagined.

The king stayed around; hardly anyone was killed or imprisoned [except a few hundred Communists]; and they continually resisted German demands to round up and deport Danish Jews. After 1943, though, Denmark went from happy Aryan protectorate to enemy territory; sabotage and organized resistance ramped up, and I guess Bojesen's toy-sized assertion of Danish sovereignty became a rallying point? I've never heard that before.

Kay Bojesen - The Legend Human, exhibition extended through Sept. 13 [ via google translate]
Occupation of Denmark [wikipedia]
Danish resistance movement [wikipedia]

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