July 29, 2009

It's Alright, Stewardess, I Speak Muppet Jive

Man, but there were some groovy urban muppets livin' on The 'Street back in the day.

If I ever saw this segment as a kid where Roosevelt Franklin leads the class in a lesson on African pride, it was clearly whited out from my memory. Is that Maria doing the voice of the saucy know-it-all?

I do miss me some Roosevelt Franklin, though. Those were good times. One might even say they were Dy-No-MIIITE.

Clearly, as the Sesame Street concept gelled, Franklin, a preliterate kid who delivered his killer rap with a voice as deep as Barry White, was doomed to change or be increasingly out of step. But he is missed. And I'm sure I'm missing some of the greatest Franklin Roosevelt moments, too. Anyone? [via south willard]


So many great bits of Sesame Street have been lost over the years to be replaced with mind-numbing nonsense.

I remember the 2nd clip about the ABC's, but i do not remember the first clip with the geography of Africa....and I watched a lot of Sesame Street when I was a little guy.

Leggim down and smackem yackem. She-it! (I hope my transliteration of that scene from Airplane does the post's title justice.)

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