July 28, 2009

I Shot A Man In Weno

As a guy who sings Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" to his kids at bedtime, I got no problem with a 5-yo singing "Folsom Prison Blues." But unless his next number is "A Boy Named Sue," someone needs to step up and do something about those bangs.

5-year-old plays "Folsom Prison Blues" [heartwoodguitar.com via waxy]
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8/1 update: Wesley's mom chimes in in the comments to address the bangs issue. My post wrongly implied that these Seattle parents were less than attentive or vigilant about their kid's rocker hair strategy. This is incorrect and unfair and is a direct consequence of my own rock illiteracy.

She says there was a haircut scheduled for the very next day after the recital. Also that they were going for a Brian Jones/ John Paul Jones thing [l, r].


Daddy Types deeply regrets the error.


Think he's really a Who fan? Its like those kids who wear the CBGB onesies...

get a haircut and get a real job

or just grow them out. and who has a real job these days?

Hi, guys -- I'm Wesley's mom, and yes, he REALLY is a Who fan. He became very enamored with a recent Who song, "Real Good-Looking Boy," and later moved on to "Boris the Spider." Roger Daltrey is one of his favorites, and that shirt was a gift from his aunt who knew his tastes.

Ironically, his hair was at its longest point ever the day of his guitar recital. We had refrained from cutting it, as Wesley was getting a "professional cut" literally THE DAY AFTER his recital. Who knew the video would go viral, and certain people would feel compelled to poke fun at a five year old's appearance? I mean I expect that from Perez Hilton and similar "let's be mean or snarky 'cause it's cool" sites and also maybe from teenagers posting comments. But -- you seem like you want this site to be a step above the riff raff, and I assume you're grown men with kids of your own.

If taking jabs at real kids' appearances is something you do here, fine -- go for it. If not and the trite, to-be-expected "Boy named Sue" reference is not the norm, you may want to consider removing it from the description below the post.

You were thoughtful and caring enough to consider the dynamic between guitar students and, as a result, also posted Jack's video. Have a heart. Consider the seedy side of meme fame and how my little one is getting accolades but also being ripped apart by the beast that is the www. Thanks for your consideration. -- Mom of Wesley

P.S. As far as the hair goes, have you ever heard of Brian Jones or John Paul Jones? Both ultra cool and both rocked a similar style as my wee-man.

Well said-
I don't think anyone meant any harm, but I agree that on this vapid www an occasional reminder that we are human is certainly merited.

Friendly Advice: DON'T make yourself insane by reading Youtube comments or otherwise tracing your little viral contribution to pop culture, you'll only make yourself sick.

Good Luck

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