July 26, 2009

For Sale: VHS Baby Video Box. Never Rewound.


Not sure which is sad-lamer:

  • The very idea of an engravable, "Pewter Look" For Your Baby's First Video Keepsake Box designed to preserve for a lifetime a cherished memory recorded on an obsolete videocassette format.
  • That these things turn up for sale online, not new, but unengraved and empty.
  • Or that in these difficult economic times, Goodwill is struggling with an invisible epidemic of digital image ganking.

Metal Baby's First Video Storage Box, first bid: $5 + shipping from the Flint, MI store [shopgoodwill.com]
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We have one of these for our wedding video! That reminds me that I should get it digitized post haste.

Somehow I'd be unsurprised to see more "Your First Wedding Video" boxes showing up on eBay.

As a diehard VHS freak, I'm actually prettttttty into this. I don't have a VHS video cam to film my baby's first bath or solid food feeding or steps, but I think 'Three Amigos' would make an awesome 'Baby's First Video' ...

there's a nicer one on eBay, then, for slightly more money.

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