July 25, 2009

Open Wide! The Horse Is Coming Into The Barn!


DT reader Wesley and his family were on holiday in Italy, and they popped into the supermarket to stock up on diapers before reached their Tuscan hill town [pannolini, by the way, but you can also just say Pampers].

That's where Mrs. Wesley spotted this baby food delicacy: Omogeneizzati di Carne. di Cavallo. Si, si, homogenized horse meat. Can't wait to see that added to the kid's menu at Olive Garden.

Wow, vitello and coniglio, too? Omogeneizzati di Cavallo [nipiol.it]
Related: Hippo Moderne from Miroslav Sasek's 1959 book This is Paris [flickr]


Oh barf! Showed this to my husband which led to a discussion of whether they sell dog meat baby food here in Korea. Haven't seen it on the shelves but I wouldn't be too surprised.

Horse is tasty. You've got to do something with the meat. Horse graveyards take up too much space.

I'd be interested in hearing if anyone was actually farming horses for meat. Everything I've heard is that horse meat is pretty much a byproduct of having a whole lot of horse on hand once they die.

When I were a lad, I lived in the Netherlands for a couple of years, and I absolutely loved the spicy horse sausage they sold there-- until I learned what was in it. At which point I sat down and had a good think, and decided that if I liked it before I knew what was in it, it didn't change just because I know what animal it was made from.

Which is a long-winded way of saying "mmm, horse meat."

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